Choosing The Best At Home Sexually Transmitted Disease Kits

Regular STD testing is something that medical experts recommend for anyone who is sexually active. However, the sensitive nature of medical testing and information, especially those involving sexually-related medical information is one of the reasons why many are hesitant about going to a clinic to get tested. This is the reason why at-home sexually transmitted disease kits are a more attractive alternative especially for those who are wary about keeping their privacy where sexual information is concerned.

At-Home STD Kits: What are they?

At-home kits are medical test kits that can be bought over the counter to test for common sexually transmitted diseases at home. These kits come in boxes that contain everything you need to conduct a sexually transmitted disease test, from Q-tips for obtaining the samples, alcohol pads, gauze, test tubes, to finger prickers for blood extraction and packing containers for sending the samples to the testing company.

Kit manufacturers differ in the features of their kits, but you can find the best home kits that offer a number of testing options such as 4, 8, and 13-panel test kits, single kits or kits that are designed to test for more than one sexually transmitted disease. You can also find kits with 10-panel tests that test for all common sexually transmitted diseases. A typical kit test takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Conditions Tested

Most kits test for common diseases. These include chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital and oral herpes, syphilis, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and HIV. It is important to note that anyone who is sexually active especially one with multiple partners is at risk for all STDs.

Pros and Cons

STD kits are affordable and are often the cheapest testing option out there. Since the kit can be used at home, you can use it anytime and in private, without any worries that your results will be seen by anyone else other than yourself. With an at-home STD kit, you eliminate the need to go to the doctor’s clinic and the uncomfortable minutes spent wearing skimpy and drafty hospital gowns. Aside from eliminating unnecessary medical visits, an at-home kit allows you to take samples yourself and get the results, which are guaranteed confidential, in the mail in a matter of days.

Because it is easy to use, it encourages people, even those who were previously hesitant, to get tested. In fact, people otherwise averse to getting tested who use at-home kits can catch diseases like HIV or chlamydia early on and change the course of the disease.

However, a commercial kit may not be as accurate as laboratory tests. It is more likely to get a false positive. Most kits also only test for a specific condition, which means you may need to buy more than one kit if you want to test for various types of diseases.

Doctors recommend that if you are showing signs of an STI (sexually transmitted infection), opting for an at-home testing kit may not do any good since you still need to visit an actual doctor if you are already showing symptoms. The tests done in a doctor’s office are more accurate and are better suited for testing anyone who is presenting symptoms of any STD.

Choosing Your Sexually Transmitted Disease Kit

At home STD kits vary in effectiveness, and new brands come up every day. It is important to do a thorough review of the brand you want to use by looking at the manufacturer, user testimonials, chemical composition of each kit, and the step-by-step process you need to do to perform the test.

At-Home STD Kits: Ideal Users

At Home, STD Kits are a great option for anyone who wants the assurance that he or she is not suffering from any disease. Kits like these are useful for those who are not showing signs of any sexually transmitted disease and simply like to conduct an overall sexual health check-up before entering a new relationship. These kits are also ideal for those who want to get pregnant but want to ensure that they are free from any disease or STI that could compromise the pregnancy. They can cause serious complications to an unborn child that could manifest as congenital abnormalities and lead to developmental problems after birth.

These kits are great options for anyone who wants a way to check for sexual well-being at home, without the participation of a third party. They are affordable and formulated to test for common diseases. Kits like these encourage responsible and mature sexual practices and allow users to take preventive steps against any type of sexually transmitted disease.